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Unified communications (UC) is a framework for integrating various asynchronous and real-time communication tools. The goal of UC is to enhance business communication, collaboration and productivity. Unified communications do not represent a singular technology; rather, it describes a strategy for integrating interconnected systems of enterprise communication devices and applications that can be used in concert or successively.

Interest in UC and its associated technology solutions and working practices, including remote working, agility and collaboration. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to change the way we work and the ‘new normal’ is still being defined. The almost universal interest in unified communication has seen the readership of UC News accelerate rapidly as readers seek information and advice.

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UC News is available as a web site and a monthly newsletter providing news and reviews of virus compliant solutions and recommendations for safe working practices.

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Editorial Policy

UC News multi-sectoral approach ranges from a core of corporate and general business solutions to a raft of case studies from which readers can learn about effective solutions and business practices. The Editorial Calendar for 2020 /2021 can be seen here.

Advertising Options

If you have a solution to promote or explain a campaign in the UC News’ newsletter or the UC News website (www.ucnews.co.uk) directs you message to the heart of the industry. Advertisements are embedded in editorial pieces and links to podcasts, video clips and 360- degree video presentations. With regulations and working practice changing so fast at present, the contents of the newsletter are supplemented by breaking news and reviews delivered through the UC News web site.
Advertising directly on the web site is also possible – see the rates and formats here.
For information on display advertisement production.
For specifications and production details for digital advertisements see here.

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