BlueJeans announces Gateway for Microsoft Teams​

BlueJeans Network has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to develop BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams. Designed to allow users to easily access Teams video meetings on any existing room system, the cloud-native infrastructure of BlueJeans Gateway turns all rooms into Teams meeting rooms.

Bhrighu Sareen, General Manager, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Corp. said, “Microsoft Teams has an important role to play when it comes to an organisation’s digital transformation strategy. BlueJeans Gateway, combined with Teams, helps ensure users can have great meetings in every conference room.”

The workplace is going through a period of exponential change driven by the need to improve business outcomes regardless of where talent resides. As more teams become a mix of non-traditional “gig economy” workers and full-time employees, organisations must have the right tools in place for every type of meeting -spontaneous or planned, large or small, formal or informal. With BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams, organisations can enable their users to leverage Teams video meetings across their diverse room environments to better connect people for more productive meetings.

Microsoft continues to invest significant development resources into its Teams platform as it prepares to fully transition communications and collaboration to the cloud,” said Dr. Brent Kelly, President and Principal Analyst, KelCor, Inc. “Adding the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams to Office 365 subscriptions gives organisations a simple way to integrate third-party room and personal video endpoints into Teams meetings, which extends the value of those assets and maintains customer choice in the future.”

The blending of the physical and virtual workspace is accelerating the adoption of huddle spaces, with teams expecting messaging, mobility and business apps that will allow them to work more productively and collaborate from anywhere. With its new Gateway for Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans is providing a consistent experience for Teams users regardless of their location, while also safeguarding meeting connectivity and maximizing room system investments.

“The collision of cloud, mobile and AI is creating new business models and revenue streams, with organizations capitalizing on these technologies to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and gain a competitive advantage,” said Mark Strassman, Chief Product Officer, BlueJeans Network. “As a Microsoft Cloud Video Interop partner, we’re working together with Microsoft to further inspire and empower the modern workforce by ensuring everyone can use Microsoft Teams to work productively—regardless of their location.”

Setting companies up for the future of work, BlueJeans Gateway helps Microsoft customers move to Teams faster with:

· Consistent User Experience: Intuitive meeting experience for end users, regardless of room system hardware

· Centralized Reporting: Centralized reporting developed in cooperation and collaboration with Microsoft gives administrators full visibility into the status of their rooms

· One-Touch Join: Entering Teams video meetings with a single touch via native touch screens from vendors like Cisco and Polycom allows participants to focus on the purpose of their meetings, not on managing them

· Full Interoperability: The Gateway leverages BlueJeans interoperability policies which have supported over one billion cloud-connected room system minutes, having connected to more than 19,000 different room systems, and works with H.323 and SIP-based video conferencing room systems

· Cloud-Native Solution: Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the BlueJeans Gateway provides a streamlined approach for easier management through centralized monitoring, troubleshooting analytics, and automated updates.

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