Midwich Technology Exposed 2018

To think, there was a time when a trip to Mercedes-Benz was tinged was excitement – today, we’ve seen the cars plenty of times, the limitations imposed by the venue limit the manner of product demonstrations and the impact of more imaginative showcase events, like creatively themed NEC ‘Day in the life” event and Maverick’s ‘Connect – age of collaboration’ have left Technology Exposed a little tired.


Fortunately, some of the new products went some way to justifying the long slog around the M25. Jeff Meyer, VP Europe, for Mersive was interesting on the new

Mersive Solstice 3.4, which delivers signage to the meeting space. With the new version, any screen in any meeting space can display digital signage content when it’s not being used for collaboration.

In addition, the welcome screen that users see when they arrive for a meeting can now be fully customized to show video or static content from a specified digital signage feed. Customers can opt to show or remove elements of the welcome screen and display a graphic of their own design simply by creating it as a web page and pointing the pod at the appropriate URL.

If projectors are your thing, Sony’s first UK showing of their FHZ90 and FHZ120 large venue install projectors Available in black or white, these high bright 3LCD laser models operate at brightness levels of 9,000 or 12,000 lumens (for the FHZ90 and FHZ120 respectively), making them suitable for projecting even in bright outdoor environments.

And with the 3LCD Laser engine, there’s no need to compromise between high brightness and high resolution. The Laser engine also helps to extend the projector’s operating life, providing up to 20,000 hours of high-quality projection without the maintenance or costs involved with lamp-based alternatives.

The FHZ90 and FHZ120 are perfectly suited to larger venues, medium-sized classrooms or conference rooms. With industry-leading lens shift adjustment and optional lenses, installation can be as flexible as it needs to be, something which comes especially in handy for hard-to-reach placements such as halls with high ceilings.

Plus, if the projector is being placed anywhere that requires frequent readjustment for different applications, Sony have got you covered. One of the best features of the FHZ90 and FHZ120 is the ability to memorise and store up to six different pre-set configurations for image size, position and aspect ratio, saving valuable time and effort.

Finally, for any installation where picture quality is of the highest importance, such as in art galleries or projection mapping, Sony’s advanced Reality Creation technology will ensure that you always experience the most lifelike images. This feature analyses the input signal right down to the pixel level, providing powerful pattern-matching which enhances the crispness of on-screen images and text without adding digital picture noise.

If you are opting for a large format LRD wall instead of a projector, BTech were on hand to help with fixed installation and mobile mounts. The new mobile BT9371 System X trolley, designed to make mounting direct view LED panels a fast and easy process. The BT9371 benefits from braked castors, making it an ideal solution for retailers, advertising and corporate users who require mobility from their displays.

Also in the spotlight, was the BT893 heavy-duty projector mount. Projection is enjoying a new vigour as mapping and large-scale projection becomes more commonplace. The latest heavy-duty mount meets all the needs for today’s large, high performance projection hardware, with benefits such as tilt & yaw micro-adjustment, and a 70kg weight capacity.

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