Toledo AT-01: team collaboration at reduced cost

Angekis has launched the Toledo AT-01, a small form factor, all-in-one video conferencing unit fitted with a microphone, audio and a wide-angle camera. At 235 x 62 x 62 mm, the Toledo is small in stature making it lightweight and portable. This portability, and it’s plug and play features, make the Toledo ideal for people working from home and business workers who are always on the move. The Toledo is equally at home in a small/medium sized conference room seating 6-10 people, where quality video and audio are required, at a value for money price tag.

Video is provided via a HD 1080p camera, with an impressive 120-degree field of view. Audio pick up is 360 degrees over a 3m radius. Natural voice quality is achieved with an omnidirectional microphone incorporating echo suppression and noise reduction technology.

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