How AVMI ensure the benefits of your UC solution are realised by Kennie Cole

Throughout this series of blogs we have talked about some of the considerations that need to be made when choosing a new Unified Communications solution. What we haven’t yet discussed is how your new solution is adopted by the people who will be using it.

Along your project’s journey you will no doubt encounter multiple vendor offerings, all with compelling arguments for and against, but the real question isn’t choosing between Polycom, Cisco, Zoom or Bluejeans. The real question is defining what your end users are looking for. What communication, efficiency, productivity or process challenges are you trying to resolve? Why do you need to change or improve your UC?

Having the right tools for your users is the critical element of your selection criteria.

AVMI have defined processes, skilled resources and vast amounts of experience in helping customers with their Unified Communications journey. From guidance in creating initial strategy through to implementation, user adoption is at the core of everything we do.

Successful user adoption like, ease of booking, ease of use, quality of the user experience, available functionality, supporting documentation and training, all play a massive part in ensuring the success of the project.

Early engagement with groups at all levels is critical to driving real business change and benefit. Decision makers, business unit owners and user groups all need to be consulted to enable design and implementation of solutions that become embedded within an organisation. This provides advantages in workflow and collaboration capability, user morale, and makes the return on investment of a new UC solution attainable in a timely fashion. Your end users won’t be concerned with which manufacturer you choose, they want to be provided with the tools they need to succeed in their daily activities. They will want to feel like they are adding value, and to be successful, your new UC project must support their goals.

At AVMI we work as a trusted advisor – to reduce the amount of complexity involved in choosing the right technology for your unified communications needs. We help you to identify the goals of your employees and customers and work with you throughout the deployment and adoption phase so your return on investment is realised.

Kennie Cole | Unified Communications Consultant | AVMI

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