Lifesize AI meeting support

In the old days of formal meetings, minutes were taken, action points distributed and audit trails placed on record for future consideration. Now, deploying Artificial Intelligence in video and audio meetings can automate this process, ensuring that: a record is kept of proceedings; audit trails are maintained of decisions and actions; and that a repository of discussions maintained for those unable to attend meetings or who might be joining the workgroup late.

Lifesize is teaming with Voicera to bring a version of in-meeting an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to Lifesize video and audio calls. Once in the meeting, the AI assistant, Eva, will take notes and create a searchable, actionable transcript, enabling customers to “elevate their meeting productivity”.

Craig Malloy, CEO of Lifesize, explained: “Imagine how effective and efficient your meetings would be if someone else was taking the notes and sharing action items directly after. Adding Voicera’s AI assistant to your Lifesize meeting is just the beginning. Expect to see all Lifesize solutions utilise AI as it matures to make video conferencing more immersive and collaborative.”

“Adding AI to your video calls is the next logical step to empower meaningful conversations and make your meetings more actionable,” said Cory Treffiletti, Chief Marketing Officer of Voicera. “Voicera created Eva to do just that. With Eva listening in and pulling out important moments from your Lifesize HD video calls, your meetings become even more productive.”

Using Eva is said to be simple. Just invite Eva to any Lifesize video or audio meeting. Eva will take notes and capture important action items. The meeting transcript is sent immediately after the meeting ends and is easily shared, searched, edited and stored for later reference.

Michael Helmbrecht, Chief Product and Operations Officer at Lifesize, told UC News: “It’s early days for our relationship with Voicera, and Eva isn’t suitable for all meeting types – for example, compliance discussions in financial services, or medical applications. But the capabilities of the software are developing all the time and Lifesize will be adding further tools to enhance meeting quality and productivity.”

Lifesize has also introduced two new solutions for this year’s InfoComm. Lifesize Dash offers easy-to-use meeting controls, centralized management and automatic updates for a truly effortless meeting experience. The solution works with a variety of approved USB cameras and audio devices from vendors such as AVer, Huddly and Yamaha Unified Communications so customers can create the best meeting room solution for their unique needs.

In addition, Lifesize Share allows any laptop, tablet or smartphone to painlessly connect, present content, queue files and change presenters. Additionally, Lifesize Share doubles as a separate, secure wireless access point for easy guest content sharing, eliminating unnecessary exposure to business networks.

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