Re-establishing email contact with clients

Re-establishing email contact with clients

How to get back to pre-COVID-19 lockdown levels of business? The majority of us have seen revenue decline in our business during this lockdown period. David Hazzard – Co-founder of ZoomMail Email Marketing. ZoomMail is a UK company with over 20 years’ experience in email marketing. He helps businesses get on a firm footing for future growth.

“The power of email is staggering, whether you’re working from home or in your office, email is the most powerful way to maintain relationships with your suppliers and customers. Our team has created a factsheet on how we know email marketing can help you through this next period…

Email marketing checklist

  1. Who do I email?

Our most common questions and the simplest answers are

Email your existing customers.

  1. What do I say in my email?

Keep it simple in your first email. We are just starting the nurturing process. You can start emailing them

  • Your opening times
  • Your contact details
  • Your email addresses
  • Your products and services

If you think this is too simple, have you ever had a customer say: “I didn’t know you did that” or “I didn’t know your sold those”?

Emailing every customer your existing products and services will gain sales from your existing customer base when their needs arise and they decide to purchase from a trusted supplier.

What do I send in my next email?

Start with a simple content plan around

  • Industry news
  • Special offers
  • Staff and company focus

And build to your content on top of your plan.

  1. Preparing to send my email

Import and collect subscriber data

Whenever you collect subscriber data, as well as the email address, collect the subscriber’s first name

Personalise your emails

Starting emails with “Hi [first name]” gain better interaction.

Improve Email Relevance

Target Subscribers with relevant information, let customers know

  • You have a latest version
  • Your new styles
  • You have updates on what they have purchase
  1. Scheduling and Sending

Scheduling my email

All our stats now indicate people look at their emails between 6am and midnight, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. There is no longer a right, nor wrong time.

You can schedule sends to make life easier for yourself.

You can create several weeks emails in advance, and send them at a later point or schedule the send straight away.

Sending my email

Oh yes, don’t forget to send. Our CEO is a proponent of today’s email is tomorrow’s fish n’ chip paper, David has the view, get the grammar correct, get the message there and make sure you send on a weekly basis.

A ZoomMail user called us recently to let us know one of their subscriber’s purchased ….. after their 42nd email!

No opens or clicks on the previous emails. But a purchase on the 42nd!

  1. Creating a more complex email

We have made ZoomMail simple, quick and easy

  • Create, send and track emails
  • Drag and drop editor making it easy to create emails with your brand
  • Import and Verify email addresses quickly and efficiently
  • Track email opens and clicks and much more
  • UK Servers
  • Free UK Email & Telephone support
  • Email hard and soft bounce management
  • Email unsubscribe management
  • Automation and Segmentation

We keep you legal!

When someone unsubscribes, we record that forever.

You can see that information in ZoomMail and you won’t accidentally upload and send to that person again.

  1. Example first email

Hi [firstname]

Dropping you a quick email to let you know our current opening times.

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