Seechum App -The ‘Netflix of social connections’

Seechum is described as the world’s first on-demand, video-based Social Connection Mobile App, enabling entertaining social experiences between individuals from more than 180 countries.
In a social media-disrupted world, Seechum provides a timely platform for authentic human connection. Understanding that communication styles will become more personal, and the content will be tailored to more specific, relevant topics, Seechum has developed a first-of-its-kind, social science-based, AI-driven search engine algorithm which matches members who seek social connections with other people (Chums).

Through machine learning and driven by personality indicators within categories of information, common interests and experiences, the app identifies ‘personal chemistry’ and matches users based on “common ground’ – a vital ingredient for establishing long-term, sustainable social connections.
Seechum created a patent-pending scheduling and automated video-calling technology for connecting two parties simultaneously and privately. The platform initiates calls to both parties without the need to share phone numbers or emails, ensuring complete control of personal contact information and therefore eliminates users’ deception risks which are widely associated with traditional social media.
Seechum charges $10 (Or 10 pounds in the UK and 10 Euros in the EU) per 45 minutes of social connection call with a Chum, with a one free call trial to each/all new users.

Founder and CEO Moses Gotlieb explains why he has started Social Connection:
“Not knowing that a global pandemic could make Seechum’s global release historical, the ability to connect individuals in isolated communicates from all over the world has become more relevant than ever before. A basic human need is a connection and social distancing does not mean a social shutdown. Even before COVID -19, our society was experiencing a massive loneliness epidemic. Social isolation became common, and we are encountering social media fatigue from constant exposure to biased content, influencer hegemony as well as mental health issues related to the unrealistic pressures of fitting in. “People wish for a boundless world where they feel they can belong, and be accepted, just as they are. Seechum’s social connections available – anytime, anywhere, is leading a new paradigm”.

Through machine learning and driven by personality indicators within categories of information, common interests and experiences, the app identifies ‘personal chemistry’ and matches users based on “common ground’.

Seechum created a patent-pending scheduling and automated video-calling technology for connecting two parties simultaneously and privately.

ClickShare Conference – customer reaction
With the launch of ClickShare Conference, Barco addressed the emerging need for wireless conferencing in meeting rooms. The workplace has undergone massive changes and the key trends have only accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic. A whole workforce is moving into the era of hybrid working, and for most of us the laptop has become the prime window to the world for communicating and conferencing. This dynamic, often described as BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), is exactly why customers love using ClickShare Conference in their meeting rooms to run all their Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and other calls.

Launched at ISE Amsterdam earlier this year, ClickShare Conference brought a revolutionary solution to respond to the increasing need for BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) in the workplace. With BYOM you walk into any meeting room, plug in the Conferencing Button and easily host a video conference from your own device. Within seconds you benefit from the AV setup of the room you are in. Of course, using your preferred conferencing solution (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Webex, Zoom and many more). Remote working was already on the rise and the new ClickShare technology enables a truly flexible way of working.

AV industry professionals, partners and consultants unanimously loved the new product range designed to bring flexibility and productivity for wireless conferencing in any type of meeting room.
Sam Taylor, EVP at Almo Pro AV, says: “Barco’s Clickshare Conference is to me the most revolutionary technology to come to market, since the launch of the original ClickShare seven years ago. It changes the paradigm of UC from BYOD to BYOM which no other solution out there can compare to.”

Simon Kitson, General Manager Maverick Europe, quotes: “Platform is the number one decision users tend to make before investing in VC / UC technology but, as 62% of organisations use 3 or more different platforms, ClickShare Conference takes a lot of these concerns away. It is a real Bring Your Own Meeting solution that will provide users the comfort, as people return to the office, of using their own device to drive the meeting.”

Gerald Schleicher, Team Smart Workspaces at Daimler AG, adds: “For us, ClickShare Conference is a consistent further development to the previous ClickShare solutions. The topic of BYOM as well as the simplification of meeting room installations, is becoming increasingly important, and ClickShare Conference came on the market at just the right time. The possibility to use the meeting room technology, with the communication solutions available on your own computer, is a great added value. In addition, the central management is becoming more and more of a focus for us.”

Today, the importance of connecting people remotely has never been more relevant. Lockdowns and quarantines have forced employees worldwide to work, meet and collaborate from home with technology as vital link between them. Today, organisations are embracing a more hybrid approach to remote and in-office working. As IT departments are looking to equip the workplace with flexible and productive solutions to merge physical and virtual worlds, the benefits of ClickShare Conference in the hybrid meeting room are clear.

Enhancing the intuitive meeting experience for both in-room and remote users, enabling easy collaboration and content sharing, and all of this securely. Users can now use their own devices and preferred solutions – the ones they were working with from home – for immersive, wireless videoconferencing in the office.

Neil Smith, Director, IT Business Partnership & Planning – Digital Guest Experience at Marriott International, says: “The CX-20 unit has worked flawlessly for us. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks with it working from home, holding calls and video conferences with the Logitech Meetup connected to ClickShare Conference. It has been so convenient and easy to use. Can’t wait to get this into our hotel spaces and see our guests take to it!”

Roy Salfarlie, Head of AV Services at Arup, a multinational professional services firm for challenging architectural design and engineering, comments: “Arup needs a flexible solution that allows our people to connect from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. We have staff working out of 92 offices in 35 countries, so we are reliant on the best technologies to bring our workforce together. A glitch-free, flexible experience is key as working while on the move is a large part of what we do.”

Stefan Gruenewald, Service Manager at Vaillant Group, one of Europe’s technology leaders in the fields of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, was also able to pre-test ClickShare Conference and praised its ability to connect a global workforce: “Our workforce is located around the world with large numbers of staff often working remotely. They need to be able to communicate efficiently without any compatibility issues. For us, an intuitive and simple solution like this that gives employees the confidence to host flawless conference calls is the number one priority.”

So, as the world enters a new phase as it slowly begins to emerge from the pandemic, businesses will now be looking to embrace technologies that enable employees to connect away from the office. ClickShare Conference is already leading the way in achieving this.

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